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Is Your Chrome Bookmarks Bar Disappearing?

If you pay attention to your bookmarks bar in Chrome, you might have noticed that it can disappear whenever you navigate to a new page. Fortunately, if you find this to be inconvenient, there are two ways by which you can make it always appear.

First, you can click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of Chrome to open its menu. If you look down, you will see a sub-menu labeled "Bookmarks." Move your cursor over it to open up its options. Check the one named "Show bookmarks bar" to make sure that your bookmarks bar will always show up while you are browsing sites using Chrome.

Alternatively, if you want another method, you can first click on the three horizontal bars and then click on "Settings." This will open up the Settings page, which can also be accessed by typing "chrome://settings" into the address bar. Once you are on the Settings page, look down for the lines collected under Appearance. One of these should read, "Always show the bookmarks bar," which can be checked to make sure that the bookmarks bar will always show up in Chrome.


Filling Your Chrome Bookmarks Bar

With that said, your bookmarks bar will not be useful unless you have filled it with your bookmarks by using one of two methods. First, you can click on the star at the extreme right of the address bar, which will open up a panel with the options to either add or remove the page you are on as a bookmark. Furthermore, it even comes with an option to edit your bookmark, which is useful if you like to organize them. If you prefer something simpler and more straightforward, you can just click and drag the address of the page that you want to bookmark onto your bookmarks bar, which will add it automatically. Once it shows up on your bookmarks bar, you can change it to your liking by right clicking on the bookmarks bar and then left clicking on the option called "Bookmark manager."

If you have an existing list of bookmarks that you want to import into Chrome, you can do so by clicking on the three horizontal bars, opening the "Bookmarks" sub-menu, and then clicking on "Import bookmarks and settings." By default, Chrome supports the import of bookmarks as well as browsing history, saved passwords, and other information from Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and HTML files. If you export your bookmarks by going to the Bookmark manager and then clicking on "Organize," you can even use the resulting HTML file as a way of backing up your bookmarks in case something goes wrong. My favorites list is missing They're your favorites, bring them back! My Favorites menu is not working My Favorites Toolbar Disappeared

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