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3 ways to organize your Chrome bookmarks

Guide to Chrome Bookmarks



Organizing your Chrome Bookmarks

Organizing the way icons and bars appear on your home screen or browser is important. This organization will save you time when you need to access a specific item. The Chrome bookmarks bar is not different. Chrome Bookmarks are very helpful because they enable you to find easily saved web pages. There are many ways to organize the many bookmarks contained in the Chrome bookmarks bar. Here below are the best 3 ways:

Method 1 Use the 'Chrome Bookmarks Manager.'

Use a Bookmarks Manager to view all your bookmarks on one page – this is the easiest way to organize the bookmarks. It saves a lot of time that would be otherwise spent clicking on numerous menus and bars. The bookmark manager enables you to rename and edit bookmarks, organize folders, order your bookmarks and search all your links.

You should then click on the three gray lines in the upper right corner of Chrome to adjust your settings. Click on the bars for a small white menu to appear. Click on the Bookmarks and a second menu with all your bookmarks will appear. Through this, you can bookmark all the open websites in your browser. You may click on the 'Show Bookmark Bar' to display all your saved bookmarks as buttons under the search bar.

Right-click on any item to rename, copy and paste or edit. Click and drag bookmarks to reorder them. Select the "Bookmark Manager" to gain the entire control over all your bookmarks. Chrome will then automatically organize everything into bookmarks bar, other bookmarks, and mobile bookmarks folders. Click and drag to any folder or bookmark that you wish to move. You can click on the folder or organize dropdown menus to add folders or bookmarks. You may also undo previous changes using this menu.


To rename a folder or a link, right-click on it, or you may copy and paste it into another location. After following these steps, you can use the search bar to search for your bookmarks and all their content.

Method 2 organizing bookmarks into folders

Start by clicking on the small star that is located next to the URL. This star will enable you to bookmark the page. You can also choose to press Ctrl/Cmd and 'D' keys simultaneously and this process will automatically bookmark a page. You may also use the bookmarks bar for the sites that you visit more often. Another great way to maintain an organized bookmarks bar is to make use of folders to group similar bookmarks together. This method will help you to get access to information from these websites very easily.

Make subfolders within the folders that you have already made to make the folders already set up tidier. You may also download bookmarks organizing extensions. These extensions will automatically organize you Chrome bookmarks bar.

Method 3 Organizing Mobile Bookmarks

You can sign into your Google account and link all of you Chrome bookmarks. When you download the Chrome app onto your phone, you may log into your Google or Gmail account and synchronize all your information. Through this synchronization, your bookmarks will be transferred to your phone. You may also click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen. The click on these dots will bring up your settings and let you access your bookmarks.

Click on the star in your mobile browser to bookmark a page and then click on the "Bookmarks" to see all your saved pages. Click on the pen icon. This icon will help you to move all your bookmarks into folders. You can then click and hold a bookmark to edit or delete it. My favorites list is missing They're your favorites, bring them back! My Favorites menu is not working My Favorites Toolbar Disappeared

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How to Organize the Chrome Bookmarks Bar
3 Ways How to Organize your Chrome Bookmarks