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Step-by-step guide to recovering Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome was first released in September 2008. As of August 2015, the most current release is version 44.0.2403.130. Of all the major browsers, Chrome is the only one for which bookmarks may be automatically backed-up to a user's online account. Users also have the ability to backup Chrome bookmarks on the computer's hard drive.

To Backup Bookmarks In Chrome For Users With Google Account

To Backup Bookmarks In Chrome To A Hard Drive or Other Storage Device

To Restore Bookmarks In Chrome From Files Save To Hard Drive or Other Devices


To Import Bookmarks and Favorites To Chrome From Other Browsers

To Recover Bookmarks Accidentally Deleted in Chrome

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, Chrome does not offer a method by users can use to automatically undo accidental bookmark deletions.

Chrome stores user favorites in a file named "bookmarks" located at this path:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\

A second file is located in the same folder named "bookmarks.bak." Each time Chrome starts-up the program overwrites the .bak file with the current bookmark file. My favorites list is missing They're your favorites, bring them back! My Favorites menu is not working My Favorites Toolbar Disappeared

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