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How to Recover Lost Favorites and Backup Files With Internet Explorer


First Check the Recycle Bin on Desktop for Favorites Backup File

Unfortunately, it is possible to accidentally delete or move a favorites folder or bookmark.html file so that it becomes lost. If an errant key- or mouse-stroke causes a favorites file or folder to disappear, the first place to check is the "Recycle Bin," which is located on most users desktops. Double-click the "Recycle Bin" icon and view the contents. If the "Favorites" folder or bookmark.htm file is located there users may right-click on the appropriate selection and choose "Restore" from the menu.

Windows Explorer vs File Explorer

If the "Favorites" folder or bookmarks.html file is not located in the "Recycle Bin" that it may be located elsewhere on the computer. Depending on the version of the Windows being used select "Windows Explorer" or "File Explorer."

Search the entire hard drive by choosing "My Computer" or "This PC" in the file hierarchy located on the left side of the window and then search for either "Favorites" or "bookmarks.htm."

If "Windows Explorer" or "File Explorer" located the file users may right-click the file and select "Cut" and then navigate to the desired folder location, right-click the white space in the back of the window and select "Paste" from the menu.

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